Gift your business a boost with the latest AI technologies by NEURATUM.

Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to ‘real business challenges’. Make sure you are ahead of industry trends.

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Core Competencies


Analytics in the point of sale. Visual attention studies. Value study of point of sale. Emotional Analysis. UX improvement. And anything your marketing team could dream of!

AI Software Modules

Are you a software company? Do you need help to improve your software with an AI module? That's us! We develop tailored modules embedded in your software.

AI Quality Control

If your employees are spending more time and effort than required, controlling or classifying your products, talk to us. We can help automate and simplify processes that otherwise can take hours or days!

Product design

Neuratum´s strength begins with bringing applicable and relevant AI technology closer to real companies like yours. Be a leader not a follower.

We develop the Artificial Intelligence strategy your business really need.

Our vision at Neuratum is to help you know and understand your customer to a point your product or service fits them perfectly and sells itself.

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